LACASA stands for the Latin American/Latin@ Cultural Activities and Studies Arena; Global CASA extends to the larger world beyond.  LACASA Chicago brings it all home.

logo_GlobaLACASABeginning as LACASA CHICAGO in the Latin American and Latino Studies Program of the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1998, with Marc Zimmerman as director, LACASA CHICAGO attempted to help build a critical understanding of Chicago’s Latino infrastructure in relation to Latin America and U.S. Latino communities through a series of publications, exhibits, conferences and research projects.  The program moved with Zimmerman to the Dept. of Modern & Classical Studies of the University of Houston, developing Global CASA & LACASA Books, and launching several volumes, including a major series on Latin American & Latin@ Globalization and Cultural Studies (LAGCS), as well as Marc Zimmerman’s eight-volume series, Pre-Post and Post Positions (PPP). Now, on its return to Chicago, Global CASA/LACASA is still affiliated as a not-for-profit, but unfunded program of the University of Houston.  However, in its rebirth as LACASA CHICAGO, it has brought over and helps distribute some of the Houston-produced books most relevant to its new project.

The project that became Global CASA and LACASA Books now reclaims its original rubric as LACASA CHICAGO as we seek to help publish, promote and/or distribute key publications on U.S. and Midwest but above all Chicago Latin@ Studies, as well as works on Central American Studies and other themes. LACASA CHICAGO publishes significant work in its chosen areas of specialization; we also consider listing and helping distribute other relevant books published elsewhere; we often recommend and/or place manuscripts with other, larger or more appropriate publishers.

Significant dimensions of LACASA’s Chicago Latino Arts (CLAS) project are:  1) this website; 2) publications mainly in the areas of Chicago Latino Art and Literature–especially a) Interviews of and about Latino pioneer artists (to be house shortly at the Smithsonian Institution); b) the José Gamaliel González Chicago Latino Art Photo Collection (GCol for short). For a critique of the website, see http://”A New LACASA Website Will Bring New Insights on Chicago Latino Art.” 2016-10-26 05:29:44 For a description of  GCOL and other recent CLAS achievements , see Guillermo Simbolov, “Intersections Exhibition: An Event to Remember.” 2016-12-02 10:37:5

Board of Directors of CLAS

Marta Ayala


Len Dominguez


Jose Gamaliel Gonzalez


Diana Solis


Jeff Huebner


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Rene Arceo


Eduardo Arocho


Nicole Marroquín


Victor Sorell


John Weber


Olga Herrera


About the Director, Marc Zimmerman

Marc Zimmerman is Professor Emeritus of Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) as well as Hispanic Studies and World Cultures and Literatures in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at the University of Houston, where he served as chair from 2002-2008; he was also active in Midwest Latin@ migrant and community organizations for over three decades. Over the years he taught at the Universidad Autónoma de Nicaragua, McGill University, the University of Michigan, and the Universidad de Puerto Rico; he has also taught mini-seminars in la Universidad de los Andes, Tucuman, Argentina and la Universidad de Madrid. He has served on the jury of Casa de las Américas; and has won Fulbright, Rockefeller and other major awards.  He has served as Chair of the Culture, Politics and Power Task Force and founding member of the Mass Media and Popular Culture Task Force of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA).   Since 1998, he has directed Global CASA and LACASA (Latin American and Latin@Cultural Studies and Activities Arena) Books, which in its first phase produced works on general theory as well as series on Latin American, Central American, Caribbean and U.S. Latino/a and globalization studies, and now, with LACASA Chicago, maintains a Central American focus, while specializing in Chicago Latino Art and Literature.


Zimmerman’s books include Lucien Goldmann: El estructuralismo genético y la creación cultural (1985); Literature and Politics in the Central American Revolutions (with John Beverley-1990); U.S. Latino Literature (1992); Literature and Resistance in Guatemala (1995); and his eight-volume series, Pre-post and Post-Positions (2005-2008) culminating with America Latina en el nuevo [des]orden mundial (2009)Among his many co-edited volumes are The Central American Quartet (1980-1998), Processes of Caribbean Unity (1982) and, for LACASA, the nine-volume series, on Latin American and Latin@ Cultural Studies and Globalization (see Publications).  He is currently developing his work on U.S. & Midwest Latino Studies with the U. of Illinois Press and LACASA, starting with Bringing Aztlán to Mexican Chicago (2010) and Defending their own in the Cold:  The Cultural Turns of U.S. Puerto Ricans (2011) and a new project, LACASA’s Chicago Latino Artists SeriesZimmerman has also published two collections of short stories, Stores of Winter (Global CASA 2006) and Martín and Marvin (2016); he is working on additional collections of stories and memoirs, including ones on border themes, Chicago Latino life, and Latin American encounters.  Since 2011, he has served as coordinator of LACASA’s Chicago Latin@ Artists Series, even as he has working on collections of fictionalized memoirs, including ones on border themes, Chicago Latino life, and Latin American encounters.  His ongoing work, especially on Chicago Latin@ themes, appears monthly in the Chicago online journal El Beisman (see


Contact: Tel. 281-513-9475;

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