José Gamaliel González, Bringing Aztlan to Mexican Chicago

(Autobiography of a Chicago Mexican artist and activist, published by U. of Illinois Press 
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Jose Gamaliel González: Documenting the Life and Work of a Chicago Mexican Artist and Activist.

A DVD with a mass of art work, photos, letters, newspaper articles and other documents, along with extended intros and voiceovers, complementing González’s autobiography of 2010 (see next entry). View detailed description en  Retail $20.00. Special LACASA subscriber/friend price: $15.00. Plus s/h. For an added note, see “José Gamaliel González at the National Museum of Mexican Art,”

Aaron Kerlow. El gran circo chico de nuestro mundito/The Great Little Circus of Our Small World.

Dibujos y escritos en español e inglés/ Drawings and Writings in Spanish & English.  Coordinado y presentado por/ Edited and presented by Marc Zimmerman.  Five fantastic fables plus a selection of fanciful abstracts, portraits and figures—all contextualized by a special, visionary history of a circus-like, globalized world in a book representing the creative work of a Chicago Mexican-Jewish doctor who … Read More