General Description: Since 2011, the most active dimension of LACASA’s Chicago Latino Art Series(CLAS) has been that of a special subgroup focusing on Chicago Mexican art and functioning under the rubric of CMAP. The group’s core members include director Len Dominguez of Chicago’s Dominguez Carlos Gallery, public arts critic Jeff Huebner, artist, community artist and researcher Diana Solis, arts cultural activist Marta Ayala, arts educator Rene Arceo and Latin Americanist/Latino/a cultural studies researcher Marc Zimmerman, who serves as project coordinator. Consultants for the project are: Victor Sorell, John Weber and Olga Herrera, well known authorities on Midwest and Chicago Latino Arts. Nicole Marroquín, Francisco Piña, José Gamaliel González and otherkey resource people are involved in the project as well.

CMAP Components include:

A. CMAP Publications

1. Books & CDs

____ John Pitman Weber and Marc Zimmerman, ed.  A Guerrero Named Guerrero: Taller than a Tall Mural.  A CD dedicated to the Memory of José Guerrero (1938-2015).

A Texas Chicano Worker, Teacher, Tour Guide, Muralist and Print Maker in Mexican Chicago. This CD in DVD box presents photos of Guerrero’s principal mural and print contributions; it includes extended interviews with and about the artist on his mural and graphic work, his political views and his overall career.  The CD also includes several articles about Guerrero, a collection of photos of his mural tours and shows, and a portfolio honoring him with prints by various Pilsen artists.  The CD marks a major tribute to Guerrero, a treasure for all those interested in Chicago Latino art. LACASA Chicago Latino/a Artists Series (CLAS),  Retail $19.99. Special LACASA subscriber/friend price: $15.00. Plus $4.00 s/h.  ISBN 9781648183036.   For a review, see  To see the text online, go to: 

MundoChico02_____Aaron Kerlow. El gran circo chico de nuestro mundito/The Great Little Circus of Our Small World. Dibujos y escritos en español e inglés/ Drawings and Writings in Spanish and English.  For excerpts see; for Olga Herrera’s review of the book, see “Aaron Kerlow and His Circus World.”   For the images from the book in their original colors, 


Not yet available on Amazon. Until further notice, Buy at Special LACASA Friend Price $12.00 plus $3.99 s/h only, at


Cover-v4_____José Gamaliel González: Documenting the Life and Work of a Chicago Mexican Artist and Activist.

ThIS Global LACASA publication is a seven-chapter book formatted as a CD in a DVD box, standing as a sequel to, and complementing, José’s autobiography (see next entry), containing the most complete lineup of José's visual work yet to appear—with a mass of art work (including colored images that only appeared in black and white in the autobiography, etc.), photos, letters, newspaper articles and other documents, along with extended intros and voice overs.

To see the text online, go to:

Buy here

For an added note, see “José Gamaliel González at the National Museum of Mexican Art,”

JGGbook_____José Gamaliel González, Bringing Aztlan to Mexican Chicago. 

See detailed description here:

For reviews, etc., see aztlan-to- mexican-chicago/.

B. General Perspectives (Framing Material)

a.   General

Alan W. Barnett.  Community murals: the people’s art.  Art Alliance Press, 1984.
Full text of “Community murals : the people’s art” – Internet Archive…/communitymuralsp00barnrich/communitymurals… 

Francis V. O’Connor. The Mural in America. Here
See also: Online Art Book Debut: The Mural In America – ArtsJournal
The “O’Connor File” and the WPA – Smithsonian Libraries Unbound …

Harriet F. Senie and Sally Webster, ed.Critical Issues in Public Art: Content, Context, and Controversy [New York, NY: Harper Collins, 1992.  Here.

The “Chicago Picasso,” the sculpture that signaled the revival of public art .

Reviews of Book:

John A. O’Connor.

 Michael W. Panhorst Winterthur. Portfolio Vol. 29, No. 1 (Spring, 1994), pp. 99-102


b. U.S. Midwest and Chicago Chicano/Latino Public Art


René H. Arceo-Frutos, Victor A. Sorell, Mark Rogovin.  The Barrio murals.Chicago.
Mexican Fine Arts Center-Museum 1987.  24 pp.

Olga Herrera.  Toward the preservation of a heritage.  Latin American and Latino Art in the Midwestern United States.

Stephanie Maníquez, Pilsen: historia del barrio y de la identidad latina.

Nina Teubner.  Made You Look: Chicano Experience, Graphic Identity and Agency in Pilsen Murals University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee..

Oral History Interview with Gilberto Cardenas

Tomås Ybarra Frausto with Gibert Cardenas

Carlos Tortolero: Art, Power, and Leadership.

Carolyn Yates.  The Chicano Community Murals of Chicago; 1968-2010.

Mad About The Mural.



Pilsen Murals 1980 “Nuestra Historia”. Gallery here

Zona de Arte Blog Pilsen Murals.

a.      General.

Cameron Cartiere and Shelly Willis.  The Practice of Public Art.  2008.

Cameron Cartiere, Martin Zebrac.The Everyday Practice of Public Art: Art, Space, and Social Inclusion 2015.

Eva Sperling Cockcroft, John Pitman Weber, James D. Cockcroft.  Toward a People’s Art: The Contemporary Mural Movement.  New York.  Dutton. 1977/ 1998 revised edition.

Claire Doherty, ed. Public Art (Now): Out of Time, Out of Place.  2015.

Tom Finkelpearl.  Dialogues in Public Art.  Boston. MIT Press, 2001.

Cher Krause Knight.Public Art: Theory, Practice and Populism. London, NY: Wiley-Blackwell.  2008.

Suzanne Lacy, ed..Mapping the Terrain: New Genre Public Art. Seattle, WA. Bay Press 1995.


b.  U.S. Midwest and Chicago Chicano Art—Descriptions on line

Cheryl R Ganz & Margaret Strobel, ed. Pots of Promise: Mexicans and Pottery at Hull-House, 1920-40.  Urbana. U. of Illinois Press 2004.

Olivia Gude and Jeff Huebner.  Urban Art Chicago: A Guide to Community Murals, Mosaics, and Sculptures.  Chicago. Ivan R. Dee, 130 color illustration, 256 pages, 2000, ISBN 1-56663-284-6.
See review:

Mary Lackritz Gray. Chicago’s Murals. Chicago: U. of Chicago Press. 2001.
See description and reviews at

Víctor A. Sorell.  “Barrio murals in Chicago: painting the Hispanic-American Experience on ‘Our Community’ Walls.” Revista Chicano-Riqueña  (Indiana) IV, no. 4 (1976): 51-72.
See description at

Victor A. Sorell. Reading the “writing” on the walls: three Chicago muralists in profile /.
See description:

See description.

Gilberto Cardenas Papers. Sociologist, art collector, Chicano Civil Rights Movement activist, photographer, and Notre Dame alumnus (MS2000.1, 1967-2009)

See also Jeff Huebner Writings. Writer and journalist Notre Dame Latino Institute archives (MS2011.1, 1986-2005)

Inara Cedrins.  Pilsen Gallerists and Spaces – Part One.–-part-one/

Bertha Husband.  Double Identity Imaging Aztlan: Printmakers From Chicago’s Mexican Community.

Franky Piña “ Pilsen, el arte y la continuidad de Chauvet”  El BeiSMan. 2013-12-30 06:34:36.

BLANCA GONZÁLEZ ROSAS. Una carta desde Chicago.El muralismo de los barrios mexicanos.Pilsen y La Villita.

Sorell, V. A. (Victor A.) Chicago State University observed the sixty sixth anniversary of the Mexican Revolution of 1910] / V. A. Sorell.ABRAZO (Chicago) . –Summer 1979.  p. 12-13 : ill. ICAA RECORD ID: 801909

Sorell, V. A. (Victor A.) Citings (sic) from a Brave New World : The Art of the Other Mexico / by Victor Alejandro Sorell. New Art Examiner (Chicago). — Vol. 1., no. 1 ( May 1994) p. [28-32; 56-57] : ill. ICAA RECORD ID: 801878

Sorell, V. A. (Victor A.) Reading the “writing” on the walls: three Chicago muralists in profile / Victor A. Sorell.
Mirarte: Chicago’s Latino Art Publication (Chicago, IL.). — Vol. 2 (Winter 1983) p. 3-4 : ill. ICAA RECORD ID: 1064149.

John Pitman Weber.  Mural Composition.

 Antonio Zavala.   Casa Aztlán: Focus of Cultural Expression in the Midwest / Antonio Zavala Chicago, IL : MIRA (Mi Raza Arts Consortium), October 1982 p. 4 .

MZ.  “Latino Art in Chicago 1920-1970” El BeiSMan.2016-04-04,

MZ. “Muralismo mexicano de Chicago y el despertar de la década de 1970.”

MZ. “A Brief History of Mexican Art in the City,”

MZ. “Franky Piña’s View of Chicago Mexican Art and Nine Theses about Chicago Mexican Art and Space,”

A Guide to 51 Nieghborhood murals to see.

C. Chicago General Mexican Arts Groups, Institutions and Organizations Past and Recent

For almost all, see Olga Herrera

For several of them in the 1990s, see “Hispanic Artists Flourish In Pilsen Galleries.  “

Art Institute of Chicago. AIC

Schol of the Art Institute of Chicago.SAIC

Columbia College.  Latino Art and Artists:
Mano/Mundo/Corazon: Artists Interpret La Loteria
Link Here


Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago.MCA

National Museum of Mexican Art- NMMA  (1987–). Formerly the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Images Here

Mexican Fine Arts Center–Museum (Chicago, Ill.) Latina art, showcase ’87 = Arte de latinas, muestra ’87 Chicago : Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, 1987 20 p. : ill. ICAA RECORD ID: 781769

MARCH : Movimiento Artístico Chicano – ICAA Documents > THE ……/Default.aspx
See also II.A.

MIRA.  Mi Raza Arts Consortium (1980-93)

Raza Art & Media Collective: A Latino Art Group in the Midwestern United States Olga U. Herrera Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame, Indiana.
See also II.A.

Galería Calles y Sueños
Christina Obregón and Jose David.

Claudia García-Rojas.  A dialogue with Calles y Sueños’ artistic director: Christina Obregón.

Polvo Chicago
“Somos polvo”.
A Brief History of Polvo

Finding Aid for Polvo Art Collective Papers

Taller mexicano de grabado
Linda Lutton.  Group Efforts: how much wood can a woodcut cut?
(see Taller Mestizarte)

Taller Mestizarte.

Casa de la cultura Carlos Cortez
(see Taller Mexicano de grabado de Chicago.

Prospectus gallery

PROSPECTUS ART GALLERY – in Chicago’s PILSEN neighborhood

Casa Atzlán
Welcome to Casa Aztlan.

Casa Aztlan art work
Link Here

Colibri Art Gallery.
19 photos for Colibri Studio & Gallery.

Colibri Gallery
Link here

Q&A: Len Dominguez on “Carlos and Dominguez Art Gallery”.

La LLorona Gallery
Paul Biasco. Latino Fine Arts Gallery Reopens in Lincoln Park After Two-Year Shutdown.
Link here

Pilsen Outpost
Pilsen Outpost Gallery and Shop.
Online search here

Pilsen’s affordable art Head down south to find artwork that doesn’t break the bank.

Café Jumping Bean
Cafe Jumping Bean – Facebook
www.facebook.comPlaces › Chicago, Illinois › Cafe

Cafe Jumping Bean Celebrates 19 Years in Pilsen –

Jan 8, 2013 – PILSEN — Cafe Jumping Bean, Pilsen | Metromix Chicago

La Catrina

In Memory of Fallen Son, La Catrina Cafe Launches Gabriel Project in Pilsen

(For almost all entries, see also MZ.  “Latino Art in Chicago 1920-1970” El BeiSMan.2016-04-04,
For  Adrian Lozano and Hull House Potters, see Cheryl R. Ganz and Margaret Strobel, ed.Pots of promise : Mexicans and pottery at Hull-House, 1920-40. Urbana. U. of Illinois Press 2004
See also Mérida, Carlos, 1891-1984.
Proemio o Parte Escrita de la Plática Dada por Carlos Mérida en Chicago en Marzo de 1938
Letras de México : Gaceta literaria y artística (México, D. F., México). — No. 28 (Jun. 1, 1938) p. 7, 10

  1.  Artists emerging before 1970.

William L. Ortiz

MZ.  Latino Art in Chicago 1920-1970.
Olga Herrera.
william L.  Ortiz reference.
Sample images found in Robert C. Jones and Louis R. Wilson.The Mexican in Chicago / by Chicago, IL : Comity Commision of the Chicago Church Federation, 1931 30 p. ICAA RECORD ID: 840040.


José Enrique_Alférez

Enrique Alferez Studio.
Enrique Alferez
Ron Grossman. Sculptor`s Youth Is Etched On Skyline. 1985.


Antonio Garcia

Mike Baird.  Hispanic artist’s work reached beyond South Texas.


Octavio Medellin.

The Legacy of Octavio
Stephanie Lewthwaite.  “Modernism in the Borderlands: The Life and Art of Octavio Medellín.”Pacific Historical Review.Vol. 81, No. 3 (August 2012), pp. 337-370
Published by: University of California Press.  DOI: 10.1525/phr.2012.81.3.337
Stable URL:
Octavio Medellin.  Sculpture (“Tehuan”) in wood-Chicago 1928


José de Rivera.

De Rivera’s ethnicity is reported as Spanish and Creole.  However, it is not clear what Spanish means in this context.  Jacinto Quirarte and others group him with other early Mexican artists, and we do so here, although there is nothing in his Smithsonian interview or elsewhere which would establish this as so).[1]
José de Rivera.é-de-rivera/biography
jose de diego.  Oral history interview.2-24-68.
Tate Gallery bio.


Adrián Lozano


Jesús Torres

Jesús Torres.ús-torres-at-hull%C2%AD-house-kilns/ús+torres+artist&hl=es-419&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjG-saU_7jMAhVDHR4KHRknDGMQ6AEIJDAA#v=onepage&q=Jesús%20torres%20artist&f=false
SANDRA LOPEZ ON JESÚS TORRES.  NMMA VAD Research: Chicago Art and Design History About Jesús Torres August 12, 2015 Sandra Lopez.ús-torres/ús+torres+artist&focus=searchwithinvolume&q=Jesús+torres+chicago+artist
Genevieve Flavin.  Aztecs’ glory finds rebirth in Torres’ art.


Other Hull House Potters

Fuentes, Camilo (b. Mexico) ceramist –
Juárez, Miguel (b. Mexico) ceramist
Ruíz, José (b. Mexico) ceramist
Tinoco, Hilarión (b. Mexico) ceramist

See especially López, Rick Anthony, “Forging a Mexican national identity in Chicago : Mexican migrants and hull house / Rick A. López in Pots of Promise : Mexicanas and Pottery at Hull-House, 1920-1940. — Chicago : University of Illinois Press, 2004.


Luis Ortiz Medoza

(CLAS interviews of his son Eroll Ortiz and other family members—plus a comprehensive bank ofphotos of documents and countless paintins and drawings possibly available on request to  Besides Zimmerman interviews, hardly any references on the internet)
1957 Chicago Artists No-Jury


Gregorio López Colunga. “Chicago’s First Latino Muralist? [—or the first decorative wall painter we know by name]:


Genaro Álvarez

(CLAS has a photo of  Álvarez’ mosaic mural for the Chicago Housing Authority, courtesy of Dan Ronin)
Genaro Álvarez Freedom of the Press Mosaic.for Chicago Press Club.  Art Notes 5-1117-64.paragraph 1.
Genaro Sánchez Furniture
Genaro Alvarez Furniture: Tables, Wall Art & More – 5 For Sale at 1stdibs

Note from Dan Ronan, Chicago Housing Authority: Genaro came to town from what we know, because he had connections with someone on the board of the CHA. With this connection, he created this large 10 x 25 square foot mural which was first housed at the original CHA headquarters building at 55 W Cermak. Entitled “The Spirit of Public Housing in Chicago,” the mural stood in place until the building’s demolition in 2000. Reportedly, Mayor Richard M. Daley told someone at the Department of Cultural Affairs that the mural should be saved. As such, the city paid to move the mural into one of the City’s art storage facilities where it sits to this day. The National Public Housing Museum is currently in talks with the DCA, now the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, to bring the mural into its permanent museum facility to be constructed in 2018.


María Enríquez de Allen

Included in JGAP

Maria Enriquez de Allen Papers – Institute for Latino Studies…/ mariaenriquezdeallenpapers.p… Midwest, 46556. 574-631-7391

Maria Enriquez de Allen Scrapbooks. Artist (MS2009.9, 1969-1986)

Allen, Harold, 1912-1998 Visitando con María Enriquez de Allen / Harold Allen Mirarte: Chicago’s Latino Art Publication (Chicago, IL). — Vol. 1 (Jul. 1982) p. 6 ICAA RECORD ID: 1063662.

María Enríquez de Allen. Images.ía+Enríquez+de+Allen.&biw=1458&bih=856&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjqvJmkttLNAhVl7IMKHbalDy4QsAQIIg

María Enríquez de Allen – Latina/o Art Community

]Catalogue PDF – the Women’s Caucus for Art

Maria Enriquez de Allen – CLARA – National Museum of Women in the …


Maria Enriquez de Allen Papers – Institute for Latino Studies…/mariaenriquezdeallenpapers.p…Midwest, 46556.574-631-7391

Maria Enriquez de Allen Scrapbooks. Artist (MS2009.9, 1969-1986)
Allen, Harold, 1912-1998 Visitando con María Enriquez de Allen / Harold Allen Mirarte: Chicago’s Latino Art Publication (Chicago, IL). — Vol. 1 (Jul. 1982) p. 6 ICAA RECORD ID: 1063662.
María Enríquez de Allen.  Images.ía+Enríquez+de+Allen.&biw=1458&bih=856&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjqvJmkttLNAhVl7IMKHbalDy4QsAQIIg
María Enríquez de Allen – Latina/o Art Community
]Catalogue PDF – the Women’s Caucus for Art
Maria Enriquez de Allen – CLARA – National Museum of Women in the …


María Almonte.

Latino Art in Chicago 1920-1970 – El BeiSMan

2.  Artists emerging between 1970-1990

a. Relevant Links to those interviewed or interviewed about (for possible access to CMAP interviews,

José Antonio Aguirre
Jose Aguirre.  Raul Cristacho and Graham Stewart.  Nuestra Esenca, Nuestra Presencia.
Cintrón Ortiz mural-UIC.  Book Link Here

      Ricardo Alonzo

Included in JGAP
(CLAS-collected photos of artist and artwork –above all, of Hubbard Street mural project possibily available on request to;;

René Arceo

Included in JGAP, etc.;
Finding Aid for René Hugo Arceo Papers MS.2005.1 Finding aid prepared by Chiayi Tsui and Tracy Grimm

Mario Castillo

Included in JGAP
Oral history interview with Paul Sierra, interviewed by Tracy Grimm, August 27, 2007, Institute for Latino Studies.
Mario Castillo Papers. Artist (MS2009.5, 1975-2009)
Castillo, Mario Artist’s Statement: Art Liberation Movement, Castillo’s Manifesto, Chicago, IL, July 4, 2001 [s.l.] : [s.n.], 2001 ICAA RECORD ID: 1063585.
Castillo, Mario A Generation of Semen Art: 1965-1994 / Mario Castillo [s.l.] : [s.n.], [s.d.] [1] leaf ICAA RECORD ID: 782479.
Castillo, Mario Enrique Latino Diversity = Diversidad latina / Mario Enrique Castillo Latino Diversity/Diversidad Latina : septembre 15 through november 17, 1995 . –Chicago : Columbia College Art Gallery, 1995. ICAA RECORD ID: 782344.
Oral History Inteview with Mario
Mario Castillo.

Carlos Cortez

Included in JGAP

(CMAP Interviews about Cortez with Carlos Cumpián, José Gamaliel González and Cesario Moreno, plus image bank with othersome NMMA-authorized images, selections from John P. Weber  and René Arceo collections,)
René Arceo. ed. MZ.  Carlos Cortez Koyokuikatl: The Man and Artist Part 1.; Part II 2015-10-03 09:49:25.
Weber, John Pitman, 1942-“Bold Images”: Carlos Cortez, Artist and Poet : September 1, 1998 to October 31, 1998. — Elmhurst: Elmhurst Art Museum, 1998. p. [1-21] : ill. ICAA RECORD ID: 1061374.
Manya A. Brachear. Obituary – Fellow Worker Carlos Cortez (1923-2005)
Aaron Cohen. Art People: Carlos Cortez, Mexican-German expressionist.
Carlos Cortez. Images.  Here
Cortez, Carlos, 1923-2005//
Purdue University Galleries West Lafayette, IN.  Keeping Tradition Alive: The Political and Social Prints of Carlos Cortez.
Carlos Cortez.
About Carlos Cortez Koyokuikatl’s Untitled
Jean Salis & Kapra Fleming.Dinners with Carlos Cortez.
Coral Gilbert [and] Ricardo Frazer.  Interview with Carlos Cortez in Chicago 12-16-94 /.
Antonio Zavala.“Homenaje a Carlos Cortez y a Rudy Aviña en exhibición del Día de Muertos

Nicolás de Jesús

Included in JGAP
Nicolas de Jesús.ás_de_Jesús|
_____  Nicolás de Jesús en cinco lenguajes.  2014-06-09.
Mexican Artist: Nicolas de Jesús.
Folk Art Guide. Nicolas de Jesús.ús.html#.VyNhSaMrImI
Official Website: http://www.artistnicolasdeJesú
About his Book:
Libro Nicolás De Jesús.Book presentation.National Museum of …▶ 3:41
Lucha Social.Libro Nicolás De Jesús.National Museum of Mexican Art …
Nestora Salgado.Libro Nicolás De Jesús.National Museum of Mexican …

Aurelio Díaz

Included in JGAP
(CLAS has photos of his recent visit to Chicago, plus other materials)
Aurelio Díaz.  chicagomurals. 16th street and Blue Island “Indians.”
Aurelio Díaz picketing.
Aurelio Díaz. Caras.
LAURA M. BROWNING.  Pilsen Murals: A Need To Change The World.  (including some false information.
Aurelio Díaz Tekpankalli Barquisimeto.
Aurelio Díaz-caras-
Diaz-Jaramillo-Cortez??-Dvorak Park.

Díaz as spiritual leader

ENTREVISTA. Aurelio Díaz Tekpankalli.íaz-tekpankalli/
Aurelio Díaz Tekpankalli, jefe de jefes de las naciones indias en Libertad (*) .
Aurelio Díaz Tekpankalli y Carmen Vicente.
Aurelio Díaz Tekpankalli.  Cantando a la Tierra.
Topic: Aurelio Díaz “Tekpankalli” (Read 17754 times)
Una Voz para los Hijos de la Tierra por Aurelio Díaz Tekpankalli, desde Apu Waraira Repano
Cátedra en Guayaquil: Aurelio Díaz.íaz.html
Post-Chicago Art

Héctor Duarte

Included in JGAP;
Hector Duarte murals paintings
Héctor Duarte – HECTOR DUARTE Portfolios
imAGES FOR hector duarte.
Hector Duarte’s Studio and the Gulliver in Wonderland Mural.

José Gamaliel González

Included in JGAP
(see II A, CMAP Publications above for many pictures, documents, etc.)
Antonio Zavala. Homenaje a José G. González, pionero del arte chicano.

José Guerrero

Included in JGAP

(see II A, CMAP Publications above for discussion, interviews, murals, graphics,  etc.)

(CLAS interview also of John Weber  and image banks of mural art plus many linocuts)”
Kari Lydersen.  “It Is Right to Resist”: The Revolutionary Art of Pilsen’s Jose Guerrero. .
Kari Lydersen.  “There Is No Art for Art’s Sake”: Remembering Political Muralist Jose Guerrero.
John Weber.;
John Pitman Weber, Jose Guerrero, Printmaker, Muralist, Worker.

Jaime Longorgia

Jaime Longoria, Malu Ortega y Alberro,, Oscar Moya, Marcos Raya, Salvador Vega.
La Esperanza” (1980) – the Muralism of Benito Juárez High School.
Benito Juárez Muralists: 30 years reunion.árez-muralists/árez-muralists-reunite-a-history-of-struggles-aspirations-and-unity/

Oscar Moya

Included in JGAP
Google images—not all are Moya or his work.
Oscar Moya (born 1956).  “Blue Collar” (2000) – National Museum of Mexican Art – Chicago – 05 Jan 2016 – 5DS-M1 – 096.
Post Chicago:
From The Archive – Serie XVI Oscar Moya.

Felecitas Nuñez

(CLAS has mural photo courtesy of John Weber)
Jose Jimenez. Young Lords in Lincoln Park.  Felícitas Nuñez interview and trancript.
(2 houir plus video interview including an extended discussion of the Young Lords Armitage Street Mural.  1969.  (MZ’s more Chicago mural-focussed audio interview available in series.

Errol Ortiz

(CLAS has many copies of art works, photos, documents, etc.)

De vuelta: Works by Chicago Imagist Errol Ortiz.
Images for Errol Ortiz chicago artistReport images.

Ray Patlán

Included in JGAP
Jackie Serrato. “Ray Patlan: A Pioneer of Pilsen Muralismo”.  24/03/2016.  March 24, 2016.

Dulce Pulido

Dan Ramirez

DAN RAMIREZ. homepage.

DAN RAMIREZ. homepage.
Julie Karabenick.  An Interview with Artist Dan Ramirez.  June 2014.
Dan Ramirez.

Marcos Raya

Included in JGAP

Marcos Raya – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Morales-Haro, Claudia Marcos Raya: The Anguish of Being / by Claudia Morales Haro, María Isabel Ochoa Dialogo (Chicago, IL). — No. 9 (Fall 2005) p. 67-70 : ill. ICAA RECORD ID: 1075560
HuebnerJeff.The Outlaw Artist of 18th Street | Feature | Chicago Reader…/Content?oid..
Sandra Treviño.  Marcos Raya Highlighted at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.
Franky Piña.  “Marcos Raya’s magnum opus: Night Nurse at the MCA.

Marcos – Documents of 20th-century Latin American and Latino Art…/Default.aspx
Francisco Pina.  La obra de Marcos Raya: crónica de un instante.
Marcos Raya
Book:  PiñaFranciscoed. 2004. Marcos Raya: Fetishizing the Imaginary. Chicago: Mexican Fine Arts Center.

Alejandro Romero

Included in JGAP
James M. Manheim.   Romero, Alejandro: 1948—: Painter and Muralist TOOLS.
Alejandro Romero: Baroque Expressionism.
Sorell, V. A. (Victor A.)  Visitando a Alejandro Romero / Victor A. Sorell ; Traducción de Maria Victoria G. de WidelMirarte : Chicago’s Latino Art Publication (Chicago, IL). — Vol. 2 (Mar. 1983) p. 6-7 : ill. ICAA RECORD ID: 1064386
Chaplik, Dorothy Alejandro Romero / by Dorothy Chaplik Latin American Art (Scottsdale, Arizona). — Vol. 3 (Fall 1991) p. 63-64 : ill. ICAA RECORD ID: 1064478.

Diana  Solís

Arte y Papel Diana Solis Studio Visual Arts Blog
Diana Solis. The Columbia Chronicle. Uploaded on Sep 30, 2011.

Robert Valadez

One of Chicago’s Finest Artists.  or
Robert Valadez.  Fine Arts.
Images for Robert Valadez

Roberto Vargas
Images for Roberto Vargas (some are his/some not)

Salvador Vega

Included in JGAP
Benito Juárez Muralists: 30 years reunion.árez-muralists/
Muralist Salvador Vega putting up a great mural at La … – Yelp…ZA
marles_chingus”La Madre Tierra” Salvador Vega – 1973 #nmma #nationalmuseumofmexicanart #chicago #pilsen #mexican #art

Román Villarreal

Included in JGAP
Kevin Murphy.  South Chicago Artists Coalition’s Roman Villarreal Conducts Studio Tour. 11/17/2012.
Roman villarreal.  Images.

b. Other Pioneer Artists Not Interviewed.

Roberto Aredondo & other Pilsen Photographers

(see DianaSolís above)

Faces of Pilsen.Photograpy exhibit at Casa de la Cultura

Tim Arroyo

Lopez Lemus, Miguel (b. Mexico), photography

González, Laura (b. Mexico, 1962), photographer  SAIC


Carlos Barrera (Moth)

Included in JGAP
CARLOS MOTH BARRERA, (1950-) Medium: Muralist Printmaking Notes: VPA Slide Collection Chicago Artists’ Archive File: Yes Slides: Yes Videos: No.
some images his, others, not.

Ana Castillo

Ana Castillo images.
Ana Castillo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sal Domínguez

Included in JGAP

Felipe Ehrenberg

Included in JGAP
Felipe Ehrenberg.
Felipe Ehrenberg.
Felipe Ehrenberg.  Online archive of
Interview with Felipe Ehrenberg
Oral History Interview with Felipe

Alex Galindo

Included in JGAP
Life, Death, Love And Politics Chicano Exhibit Speaks With `Voice Of The People.
The House on Mango Street: Artists Interpret Community

Emma Yolanda Galván

Alex Garza

Entrevista con Alex Garza.   Note by Victor Sorell. ABRAZO (Chicago), Summer 1979, 27-29.

Juanita Jaramillo

Included in JGAP
Juanita Jaramillo.
juanita jaramillo.
Juanita Jaramillo.


Daniel Manrique

U.E. Hall Outdoor Mural:  murallocator.org800 × 553Search by image
UE Hall MuralMural Approximate Location:37 South Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL‎.

Francisco Mendoza

(CLAS has several images & he is discussed by brother, Vicente in interview with Jeff Heubner)
CEO Artist Mark Nelson’s “Pancho, the art of Francisco Mendoza” 1958 – 2012.
Francisco Mendoza
The Artist Mendoza | Official Francisco Mendoza Website.
Jeff Huebner. Cancer Fighting Latino Artist, Draws Support.
Leticia Espinosa.  La herencia que el maestro Francisco Mendoza le dejó a Pilsen.;
Teresa Puente.  The Pilsen Picasso: Francisco Mendoza, 1958-2012.
Dean Clark.

Vicente Mendoza

Included in JGAP
(interview with Jeff Huebner, including words on brother Francisco Mendoza not available at this time).

Victor Sorell. “Reading the ‘writing’ on the walls: three Chicago muralists in profile.” Mirarte: Chicago’s Latino Art Publication 2 (Winter 1983): 3-4.


José Morenoús Morón


Ben Ordoñez

Included in JGAP
James J. Klekowski. South Chicago, U.S.A.: A Photographic Essay, Volume 1.  Ellis Avenue Studios, Jan 1, 2002 – Chicago.pp. 181 & 187.

Malu Ortega Alberro

Included in JGAP–Photos of murals, participation in Benito Juårez mural.
Malu Ortega y Alberro. Interview.  “La Esperanza” (1980) – the Muralism of Benito Juárez High.

Margueritte Ortega

Included in JGAP
Marguerite Ortega Obituary.
Ortega, Marguerite.  Nuestra Gente / Marguerita Ortega …[et al.]
Chicago, IL : [s.n.], 1979.  ICAA RECORD ID: 840104

Rey Vasquez

Included in JGAP

Jesús Acuña

JESÚS ACUÑA | Public Art Projects | Painter & Sculptor | Chicago

Painter, Muralist, Sculptor & Ceramist. Public Art Projects in Chicago and Mexico.

JESÚS ACUÑA | Mexican Muralist in Chicago | Public Art Projects |!public-art/c1qei

JESÚS ACUÑA | Mexican Sculptor in Chicago | Public Art Projects!sculpture/c1la0

Hector Duarte & Jesus Acuna || A Calendar of Hispanic Art and …

Art Exhibit: Hector Duarte/Jesus Acuna, new work – Facebook


Chicago Artists Month | 2015

Jesus Acuna

Video: Jesus Acuna, sculpture project proposal … Chicago ArtistMonth


Miguel Aguilar

Miguel Aguilar/ Kane One


Susana Aguilar

Susana Aguilar – Arte Y Vida Chicago

Breakout Artists 2016: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers ……/breakout-artists-2016-chicagos-next-generation-of-image-makers/

Susana Aguilar-Pilsen Visual Poet – YouTube

Susana Aguilar Facebook, Twitter & MySpace on PeekYou

Saúl Aguirre

Saul Aguirre, Mexican Artist in Chicago

Can I Ask, “What Is Art?” : Interview with Saul Aguirre – Borderbend …


The Pilsen Project: Artist Snapshot: Saul Aguirre

Saul Aguirre’s Page –

Saul Aguirre | Artist Biography |

› Browse › Saul Aguirre

The artist biography of Saul Aguirre. … 2000 Amatl:, Beacon Street Gallery, Chicago, IL 1998

Saul Aguirre (@ElSenorSol) | Twitter

Saul Aguirre — presenting visual art, the art scene in Pilsen …

Arturo Barrera

Arturo Barrera | LinkedIn  /in/arturobarrera-01418410

Images for Arturo Barrera , chicago artistReport images,+chicago+artist&biw=1680&bih=862&tbm=isch&,+chicago+artist&biw=1680&bih=862&tbm=isch&

Arturo Barrera Visual Art Educators — Chicago Public Schools

Arturo Barrera is an educator in the Chicago Public School system.

Zygman Voss Gallery’s Blog | A Chicago Fine Art Gallery – featuring …


Hector Barron

 Chicago artist (Paint/Ink) Hector Barron…/chicago/…/chicago_artist_paintink_hector_barron_any_inf

hector barron – Arte Y Vida Chicago

chicago artists month – Arte Y Vida Chicago

Presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs in collaboration with … Hector Barron The Annual Art Exhibit A Question of Vida y Muerte 2010 Call for …

Prospectus Art Gallery – Art Services – Chicago Gallery News

Images for Héctor Barrón , chicago artistReport images,+chicago+artist&biw=1680&bih=862&tbm=isch&

Zygman Voss Gallery’s Blog | A Chicago Fine Art Gallery – featuring …

Chicago Fine Art Gallery – featuring the artwork of 17th through 20th century … Carlos Barberena (Chicago); Arturo Barrera (Chicago); Héctor Barrón (Chicago) …

Rito y Recuerdo: Day of the Dead | National Museum of Mexican Art…/rito-y-rec


Héctor Barrón

Rito y Recuerdo: Day of the Dead | National Museum of Mexican Art…/rito-y-recuerdo…

National Museum of Mexican Art

Feb 16, 2016 – Among the installations, folk art, and works by more than 60 artists from … Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin (California), Héctor Barrón (Chicago), …

La Muerte Niña: Day of the Dead | National Museum of Mexican Art…/la-muerte-niña-…


Gerardo de la Barrera Escamilla.


Efren  Beltran


Thomas Bringas

Solo Art Work/Exhibitions

Chicago Figurativo: Prints Selected from the NMMA Permanent …

Chicana/o Art Book – Latina/o Art Community


Guillermo Campillo

Calles y suenos.Mural.


Javier Carmona


Javier Chavira

Art World Chicago

Miguel Cortez


ArtSlant – Antena & Miguel Cortez

“One Question” with Miguel Cortez, founder of project space Antena ……/one-question-with-miguelcortez-founder-of-project-space-antena/

New Media Arts: Miguel Cortez » Gozamos

miguel cortez: interviewed in

Mariano Chavez

Guillermo Delgado

Guillermo Delgado

Guillermo Delgado – Ghost Ranch

Cafe Jumping Bean Celebrates 19 Years in Pilsen.

Guillermo Delgado – artist – OtherPeoplesPixels

Art Start – Oak Park Education Foundation

Cafe Jumping Bean Celebrates 19 Years in Pilsen – Pilsen – DNAinfo ……/cafe-jumping-bean-celebrates-19-years-pilsen

On Exhibit: Guillermo Delgado’s screen gems | Calendar | Chicago ……guillermodelgados…/Content?…

Guillermo Delgado – Arte Y Vida Chicago

Artists And Dreamers Find Inspiration At Pilsen’s Cafe Jumping Bean ……/9812150035_1_hispanic-artists-bagels-y.

..Guillermo Delgado – Community committed Chicago artist – mixed ……/GuillermoDelgado-Community-committed-Chicagoartist-mixed-


Roberto Ferreyra

Images for Roberto Ferreyra.,+Chicago+Artist&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiR5vm6psjNAhUFbR4KHWOVBEkQsAQILw&dpr=1

Esperanza Gama

(including bio.:

Esperanza Gama.

Images for Esperanza Gama,+Chicago+Artist&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjG89Dwq8jNAhUJ8x4KHSIyD24QsAQILg&dpr=1

Oral History Interview with Esperanza Gama



Sal Garcia

Sal Garcia, images,++chicago+artist&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjY-Z7ktcjNAhUFQiYKHQF9BWYQsAQIGw



Sergio Gómez


Images for Sergio Gómez.ómez,++chicago+artist&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjdsrTetsjNAhXK7SYKHVhyCZMQsAQILg


Pablo Helguera





J. Omar Magaña

Jeff Abbey Maldonado

Jeff Abbey Maldonado The Hardest Piece I’ve Ever Had to Produce.

Images for Jeff A. Maldonado.

Unhappy Birthday: The murder of young artist J-Def is not the end of his story By Jane Leyderman.

Game of Chance Figurative Paintings by Jeff Abbey


Dolores Mercado

Images for Dolores Mercado.,++chicago+artist&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwivub_rusjNAhXEXR4KHcV4DSsQsAQIIg

Dolores Mercado


Arturo Miramontes

Arturo Miramontes: A Pictorial Perspective of Mexican History.

Arturo Miramontes.

Images for Arturo Miramontes.,++chicago+artist&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwihuYjYvMjNAhXCLB4KHUt1AVEQsAQIIw

Paintings of artist Arturo Miramontes to be featured at Cicero Town Hall.


Alejandro Nava

Images for Alejandro Nava.

A tribute to Alejandro

Recent Paintings by Alejandro

Alejandro Nava – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Alejandro Nava.


Alfonso Piloto Nieves Ruíz (Piloto)


Franky Piña.  “Transfiguraciones en la obra escultórica de Piloto

_____.Piloto’s Sculptures: A Testament of Our Time”.

Book:  Francisco Franky Piña.   Alfonso Piloto Nieves Ruiz: Sculpture (2014).

Francis Padrón


Chicago Artists’ Archive, O-Q

Antonio PasaránánAntonio


Eufemio Pulido



Elvia Rodíguez-Ochoa

Oral History Interview with Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa

Elvia Ochoa .Profession: Artist, Curator, Educator

Listen Now

Images for Elvia Rodíguez-Ochoa.íguez-Ochoa,+chicago+artist&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjS96b17MjNAhVFlh4KHXFXCpsQsAQITw&dpr=1


Joel Rendón

Janita Poe.  Hispanic Artists Flourish In Pilsen Galleries December 16, 1992.


Oscar Romero

Antonio Zavala.  El BeiSMan Art Notes.  On Oscar

Medill Reports | Oscar Romero – Mexican Muralist – YouTube.

Oscar Romero, Images.,+chicago+artist&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi1oK_I8MjNAhXJXR4KHQoTCtcQsAQIJQ&dpr=1

Oscar Romero, Artist 2-09.

Filemón Santiago

Filemon Santiago.

Images for Filemón Santiago, chicago artist.ón+Santiago,+chicago+artist&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjkx9mV8sjNAhWGHR4KHfDqCnwQsAQIIg&dpr=1,+Fileman

Filemon Santiago – biography and artwork available at Artspawn


Ricardo Santos Hernández

ArtSlant – ricardo santos hernándezández


Ricardo Santos Hernández

Images for Ricardo Santos Hernandez.

Urban Echo-La Frontera en el Corazon, An Art exhibition by Ricardo …

Juan Miguel Ramos, Examining Working Class Chicano Identities in San Antonio and Chicago …


Rogelio Tijerina

Art Imitates Meat.

Veronica Flores-Paniagua. South Texas artist on hunt for a ‘cattle rustler’


Luis de la Torre

Artist Bio | Luis DeLaTorre | Chicago, Illinois Artist

Luis de la Torre, Images.,+chicago+artist&hl=en&biw=1458&bih=858&site=webhp&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjExO7698jNAhWpz4MKHXVcATgQsAQIKA&dpr=1

Interview with Luis De La Torre

DeLaTorre and a Chicago Feast for the Eyes.

Art World Chicago Chicago Artists and Gallery Openings.


Georgina Valverde

www.georginavalverde.comGeorgina Valverde « Chicago Art Department

Georgina Valverde, images.,++chicago+artist&hl=en&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiVpf-0-cjNAhUj0YMKHZGIAVkQsAQIIg

Georgina Valverde and Matthew Stone.


Cuitlahuac Velázquez


Roy Villalobos

Images for Roy Villalobos.

Surrealist Roy Villalobos | Inspirational Portfolio [44]!art-work

Roy Villalobos Artist Exhibition History | |

(Partial List—links  and  several o=ther artists  to be added.  See 5 below)

3.  Chicago Mexican Artists Emerging from 200 to 2017

Patricia Acosta

Patricia Acosta – Arte Y Vida Chicago

Patricia Acosta | Facebook

Patricia Acosta | LinkedIn

¡Chupacabras! Artists Reinterpret the Myth | National Museum of ……/¡chupacabras-a

Artists Reinterpret the Myth, January 24 – July 20, 2008 …

Participating Artists:Patricia Acosta, Cirilo Esquivel, Ricardo …

Images for Patricia Acosta

Alberto Aguilar


Miguel Aguilar

Rubén Aguirre

About — Ruben Aguirre

Ruben ‘LikeOne’ Aguirre


Viko Alvarez

Antonio Ancona

Oscar Arriola 15, 2012 –



Tim Arroyo

Tim Arroyo: Biography

Timothy M. Arroyo EDUCATION: 2007-2010 Academy of Art University …

BIO – Tim Arroyo

Images for Tim Arroyo chicago artistReport images

Tim arroyo Archives – Out of Chicago

Bio Pic Tim Arroyo is a Chicago native, currently residing in Chicago’s …


Adriana Baltazar


Carmen Chami


Mariano Chávez

Juan Ángel Chávez Estrada

Juan Angel Chavez, Installation – 3Arts Artist Awards 2008 – YouTube

Art/Work: Sculptor Juan Angel Chavez traces hidden meaning along … › WBEZ › VideosVimeo

My blog.

SAIC – Juan Angel Chavez – School of the Art Institute of Chicago

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Juan Chavez – US Department of State – Art in Embassies

Juan Angel Chavez – Artadia

SAIC – Juan Angel Chavez – School of the Art Institute of Chicago

3Arts | Juan Angel Chavez


Javier Chavira

Javier Chavira Disparate Images – Union Street Gallery

Juan Angel Chavez, Javier Chavira, Juan & Ricardo Compean, … Heritage Museum, Chinese-American Museum of ChicagoChicago …

MIRA: Chicago Artists of Hispanic Heritage – U


Juan Compeán

¡Chupacabras! Artists Reinterpret the Myth | National Museum of … …/¡chupacabras-a

Cortez, Juan Compean, Ricardo Compean and Antonio Pazaran.

A Declaration of Immigration | National Museum of Mexican Art…/declaration-im

Juan Angel Chavez, Javier Chavira, Juan & Ricardo Compean, … Heritage Museum, Chinese-American Museum of ChicagoChicago …

MIRA: Chicago Artists of Hispanic Heritage – U

Mario Castillo–Juan Compean–Carlos Cortez–Miguel Cortez–Esperanza Gama- … “MIRA: Chicago Artists of HispanicHeritage” is an exhibition that features the …

Paper Politics: Socially Engaged Printmaking Today

Josh MacPhee – 2009 – ‎Juan Compean (Chicago, ILUSA) * p85

Juan Compean – Arte Y Vida Chicago

Carmina Cortes


Camilo Cumpián

Chicago tattoo artist & muralist addresses urban themes

Camilo Cumpian.

Camilo Cumpian’s photos (samples):

Miguel A. De Real

Bianca Díaz

Alma Domínguez


OPEN Center for the Arts » Alma Dominguez

Founder and coordinator of Pintoras Mexicanas – a.

MUJER artist Alma Dominguez May 18 – June 8 – Facebook logo

Alma Domínguez | – en

Alma Domí

28 MAY 2016: MUJER artist Alma Dominguez May 18 – June 8 …

Alma Domínguez – Artmajeur

Alma Domínguez,  Chicago Artists Month | 2015

  1. Garcia,Alma Dominguez, Ivonne Cruz, Lucia Fortin …

Sixty Inches From Center » ALMA DOMINGUEZ


Juan Manuel Fernández



Salvador Flores-Jimenez

Arturo FresánánArturo


Dianna Frid

Erik J. García

Tatiana García, Tatee García

Artists & Vendors: CumbiaSazo Kids June 13 | CumbiaSazo

Maria Gaspár

Maria Gaspar … Woven Collage on Digitally Printed Dye Sub Fabric, White Stoneware, Cone 6, Oxidation, Brown Overglaze …

Images for Maria Gaspár

SAIC – Maria Gaspar – School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Maria Gaspar … Women of Achievement Award, National Museum of Mexican Art; Maker Grant,Chicago Artists Coalition; Propeller Award, Threewalls Gallery.

Maria Gaspar brings radical art home in 96 Acres – Chicago Tribune…/ct-ae-chicagoan-art-20141225-column….

Interdisciplinary artist Maria Gaspar, photographed at Crystal’s Bridal store inChicago’s Little Village neighborhood. (Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago …

Maria Gaspar – Creative Capital – Investing in Artists who Shape the …

Maria Gaspar — Chicago Public Art Group

Maria Gaspar …Breakout Artists 2015: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers ……/5/

Through Eagle and Serpent …An Experiment in Reimagining Freedom: A Profile of Maria Gaspar ……/an-experiment-in-reimagining-freedom-in-profile-mariagaspar/

Maria Gaspar | Illinois Arts Council Agency



González, Ricardo

Ricardo Gonzalez Art

Ricardo Gonzalez Art – “Chicago”

Ricardo Gonzalez Art. Portfolio Articles/Press Contact. “Chicago“. 2012

Ricardo Gonzalez | Facebook

Images,+Ricardo+++chicago+artist&biw=1458&bih=856&tbm=isch& Outpost Gallery and Shop Chicago. Ricardo “NACO” Gonzalez. July 2016. see more >>. Sketchmas 2015: 50 Artists, 50

Ricardo “NACO” González | – EXPO Collective

Salvador Jiménez FloresénezFloresSalvador

Sam Kirk

Sam Kirk: Kirk – TurningArt
Sam Kirk Announces Winner for the Paint the Town Tasty Guessing Gametastytrade
Artist Sam Kirk | Bootstrapping in America 

Sam Kirk, Women Making Change Happen 
Women Making Change Happen
Sam Kirk | Saatchi Art
Sam Kirk – Chicago Artists Month | 2015
Sam Kirk – TurningArt
More images for sam kirk chicago artist
Sam Kirk | Chicago Artists Resource
Sam Kirk (@iamsamkirk) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Sam Kirk (@iamsamkirk). Artist. Brooklyn, NY / Chicago, IL.
Sam Kirk, official visual artist for Chicago.Made @SXSW 2015
Community Spotlight: A Conversation with Sam Kirk | The L Stop
11683 – Chicagoan Sam Kirk shines through art – Gay Lesbian Bi ……art/50062.html


Rodrigo Lara Zendejas

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas: La Paz – Exhibitions – Hyde Park Art Center…/www.rodrigolarazendejas-emla-pazem


Review: Rodrigo Lara Zendejas/National Museum of Mexican Art ……/review-deportable-aliensnational-museum-of-mexican-art

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas, “Deportable Aliens,” 2015. … This modest exhibition of new, site-specific work by Mexican artist Rodrigo Lara Zendejas brings to light a … News: Special Exhibitions Announced for Expo Chicago 2015.Resumen!resume/c1zwi

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas | Ragdale

Rodrigo Lara: A Conversation about Repatriation – IL Humanities…/rodrigolarazendejas-a-conversation-of-repatriation/

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas at National Museum of Mexican Art – artforum …

ACRE | 5/20: MASS // new works by RODRIGO LARA ZENDEJAS and …


Rodrigo Lara Zendejas Page — Mana Contemporary Chicago

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas. Zendejas was born in Mexico 1981. … He received his MFA in 2013 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a James Nelson …

Rodrigo Lara Zendejas’s garden of unearthly … – Chicago Reader


Nicole Marroquín

SAIC – Nicole Marroquin – School of the Art Institute of Chicago


bio — Be Here Now – Nicole Marroquin

Nicole Marroquin Interdisciplinary Artist – Ragdale

Nicole Marroquin | School of the Art Institute of Chicago –

Nicole Marroquin – SPACES / Artists / Directory

Nicole Marroquin | LinkedIn

A Day Without Public Art in Pilsen » AREA Chicago

Nicole Marroquin – Columbia Blogs – Columbia College Chicago

Art and Social Practice · art history · art practice · ARTexchange … Chicago History Museum · Chris Robinson … Nicole Marroquin · non-traditional archives · NYU.

Nicole Marroquin: Propeller Award, Mana Studio Residency | News …

Naomi Martínez

Noemi or Naomi (Monstrochika)


Victoria Martínez

Yvette Mayorga

Sofía Moreno


Porn Again.

Elsa Muñoz


Rodrigo (Roco) Oñate


Raúl Ortiz

Meela Paloma

Adriana PeñañaAdriana

Miguel Ángel Ramírez Molins

Ramiro Rodríguez

Oral History Interview with Ramiro Rodriguez

Painter, Printmaker.

Luis Sahagún


Ricardo X. Serment

Pablo Serrano

Pablo Serrano’s Visiones Nuevas Art Studio – Facebook


Visiones Nuevas Art » About Pablo Serrano

The People’s Stage Karaoke with Pablo Serrano: Welcome to …

Pilsen Community. Chicago Pilsen bilingual karaoke. Weekly Shows. Simone’s, Lalo’s, Dylan’s …

The People’s Stage with Pablo Serrano – Karaoke – Pilsen – Chicago …

Pablo Serrano at Prospectus Gallery » Gozamos

Pablo Serrano has an expansive worldview. “Connections”: A one man exhibition by Chicago Artist

Pablo Serrano – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Matthew Silva


Chema Skandal

CHema Skandal – Facebook

Meet the Artist behind the # ReggaeFestChi artCHema Skandal!

UNMASKED! upcoming Art show by CHema Skandal! … Virgin Hotel – Downtown Chicago. Posted by … Carlos & Domíngues Fine Art Gallery (Chicago, U.S.A.).



CHema Skandal | Portfolio Type | Galerie F – Gig Posters, Art Prints …

Graphic artist CHema Skandal.CHema Skandal! (@chemaskandal) • Instagram photos and videos

GRAPHIC ARTIST-A / Music Enthusiast-A … chemaskandal. Follow. CHema Skandal! GRAPHIC ARTIST-A / Music …

CHema Skandal: visit Mágico – The Visualist

CHema Skandal | WideWalls

CHema Skandal!Chicago Street Artist Has Message For Donald Trump: You Are ‘Pitiful ……/chicago-street-artist-has-message-for-donald-trump

(almost all of them Mexican) Information on many of them should be available at The Chicago Latino ArTchive.

—Any one wishing to add to the list, or indicate nationality and recommended websites should write to, subject Chicago Latin@ Artists list:

Javier SuárezárezJavier

Gabriel Villa


Images for Gabriel Villa.,++chicago+artist&hl=en&biw=1458&bih=858&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiA_I_–sjNAhWF5IMKHb1RCB4QsAQIKQ&dpr=1

Interview with Gabriel Villa – neotericart


Book: Francisco Franky Piña. The Art of Gabriel Villa (2007),

Gustavo Yepez Herrera




Alcalá, Cristal

Anaya, Benjamin

Salvador Andrade, Lizette


Arceo, José.

Baltazár, Adriana

Barriga, Antonio

Paulina Camacho

Cortes, Amanda

Cervantes, Victoria

Church, Rena

Convery, Sara Peak

Cruz, Yvonne

Cuevas, Beatriz

Decades, Ramiro

Dejose, Magda

del Real, Katherine

del Real, Miguel

Diaz, Bianca

Diaz, Frank

Estrada, William

Everson, Michael

Ferris, Emil

Figueredo Díaz-Perera,, Alejandro

Figueroa, Felipe

Gonzalez, Alberto

Gutiérrez, Amanda

González, Antonio

González, Maria

Gonzalez, Mario Jr.

Guiterrez, Jose Luis –

Hernandez de Luna, Michael

Ibarra, Gabriela

Jasso, Jay

Jasso, Vicente

Jimenez, Mario

Juarez, Cesa

Lopez, Victor

Lozano, Iván

Lucero, Jorge

Macias, Nachieli

Manriquez, Stephanie

Márquez, Rita

Martinez Galvan, Alfredo

Martínez, Antonio

Martínez, Victoria

Mendoza, Jaime

Martinez, Juan

Mendez, Harold

Moreno, Monique

Moreno, Sofi

Moscoso, Johanna

Negrón, Roberto (b.  ),

Nieves, Nora

Olguín, Daniel

Olvera, Karla

Jaime Ortega

Ortiz, Marivi

Otero, Angel

Pacheco, Kristal

Paredes, Mynor

Patron, Fatima Asis

Peña, Christian

Peña, Norbella

Ramirez, Pablo

Reyna, Josue Maddie

Rios, Josh

Rivas, Lisa

Rivera Luis

Romero, Anthony

Romero, Luis

Rosa, Missy

Ruiz, Celia

Ruiz, Michael

Sáenz, Art – Chicago, IL

Salgado, Delilah

Sanchez, Jessy

Sanchez, Vanessa

Sandoval, Gilberto

Scalisi, Angela

Silva, Angel

Solís, Enrique

Soto, Hector

Sotomayor, Daniel “Danny”

Talamantes, Gloria

Tavares Silva, Christopher

Terrazas, José

Torres, Cesar Alexis

Uranga, Valencia, Omar

Valverde, Georgina

Vasquez, Mauro

Velazquez, Omar

Ventura, Mariko

Vera, Rafael E.

Vilar, Marcos

White Eagle,

Yañez, Norm