Combining key Latin American and Latin@ texts emerging from LACASA Houston’s LALCSG series with Marc Zimmerman’s study of U.S. Puerto Rican culture, these five books frame LACASA Chicago’s primary focus on Chicago Latin@ art and literature.

A. Latin American Cultural Studies & Globalization (LACSG)

América Latina en el nuevo [des]orden munidal.

Ocho ensayos sobre globalización y procesos transnacionales–cuestiones sobre inmigración, ciudades, fronteras, universidades, relaciones euro-latinoamericanas y el 11/9. Eight essays on globalization and transnacional processes– questions about inmigration,cities, borders, universities, Euro-Latin American relations and 9/11.ISBN: 0-9767019-3-6. Buy here

Giros culturales en la marea rosa de América Latina

This book explores relations between politics and cultural processes in a time when several left governments have emerged in Central and South America. Developed under the auspices of the Section on Culture, Politics and Power of the LatinAmerican Studies Association, this latest book in LACASA's series on Cultural Studies andGlobalization in Latin America, explores relations between politics and cultural processes ina time when several left governments have emerged in Central and South America. Editedby Luis Ochoa Bilbao (BUAP, Pueblo Mexico) and Marc Zimmerman (U. of Houston), this volume includes articles by Benjamin Arditi, Jesús Martín Barbero, John Beverley, RicardoForster, the late Eduardo Rosenzvaig and other scholars dealing with Argentina, Paraguay,Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Mexico
ISBN: 978-1- 4675-2777- 4452499.

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South to North: Framing Latin and Central American, Caribbean and Latino Literatures

Essays framing the studies of the literatures in question, exploring their unity and differentials. ISBN 0-9767019-3-6. Buy here

B. Latin@ Cultural Studies (LCS)

Orbis/Urbis Latino: Los “Hispanos” en las ciudades de los Estados Unidos

A collection showing how urban processes transform Latinos and how Latinos “latinize” the cities. John Beverley, Agustín Laó-Montes, etc. ISBN 978-1-60643-705-6.

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Ir y venir: Procesos transnacionales entre América Latina y el norte

Migration and cultural studies come together for a seminal collection that includes work by Sarah Mahler, John Gledhill, Arturo Arias, Abril Trigo, Carlos Monsiváis, etc. ISBN 0- 9767019-5-2.

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Defending their Own in the Cold: The Cultural Turns of U.S. Puerto Ricans

This award-winning book traces East Coast, Illinois and Chicago Puerto Rican acheivements in music, film, art and literature, to show how U.S.-based boricuas have dealt with their situation.

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