This component seeks to publish studies of Chicago Latin@ creative writing, as well as works of literary creation by or dealing with Chicago Latin@s.

A. Chicano Writers in Mexican Chicago

I. Articles Published for the forthcoming book-in-progress: Transplanting Roots and Taking Off: Chicano Writing in Mexican Chicago. 1970-1990 (a book in progress)

1.“Chicago Chicano Writing: Its Social Base, and Differential Characteristics.” El Beisman 2014-07-23 11:56:18.

2.“Chicago and The Forgotten Poets of Aztlán (Part I): Introduction, in El Beisman 2015-01-01 09:29:00.

3. “Chicago and The Forgotten Poets of Aztlán (Part II): The Men” in El Beisman 2015-02-01

4. “Chicago’s Forgotten Poets of Aztlán (Part III): The Women (and Final Remarks),”
in El Beisman 2015-03-01 02:00:08.

5. “The Early Poetry of Ana Castillo,” in El Beisman. 2014-03-01 03:33:26.

6. “Sandra Cisneros: Retro-Space in Double Time—A Testimonio.” El Beisman, 2014-06-09 02:44:02.

7. “The Roots and Takeoff of Sandra Cisneros: The House on Mango Street.” El Beisman, 2014-06-01 11:28:46.

8. “Sandra Cisneros as Young Poet: From Bad Boys through Mango Street and on to her wicked ways,” El Beisman 2015-04-01 12:38:07.

9. “Ana Castillo and Chicago: From her Early Poems to The Mixquiahuala Letters,” El Beisman 2015-05-02 04:12:29.

10. “Luis Rodriguez: The Chicago Urban Dimension in an L.A. Chicano’s Poetry” written with Raul Contreras, in El Beisman 2014-12-02 05:27:43.

11. Luis Rodriguez. “My L.A. Past, My Chicago Experience.” 2014-12-02 05:27:20.

12.“Remembering Carlos Cortez as Poet,” El BeiSMan. 2015-08-01.

13. “Carlos Cumpián: An Aztlán Poet in Mexican Chicago.” Part I. El BeiSMan 2015-09-18 05:40:33;; Part II.

14. “Hugo Martínez Serros: Patriarchal Identity Structuration in a World of Steel. Part I. Introduction, Some Generalities, “The Last Laugh” and “Distillation” El BeiSMan 2015-12-01.\

15. “Martínez-Serros: Planting and Growing in Southside Chicago” “Hugo Martínez Serros,” Part 2. El BeiSMan. 2016-01-02 09:19:36.

16.“Martínez-Serros: Schooling and Racism in Mexican South Chicago,” written with Carolina López-Lozano and Idoia Maríínez del Moso. El BeiSMan 2016-02-01 10:36:49.

17. “Sex and War in the Steel Mill Barrio School Stories of Hugo Martínez-Serros,” written with Lillian Gorman, Martin Ponti and Octavian Stinga. El BeiSMan. 2016-07-19 01:39:53

Forthcoming: Additional essays on Ana Castillo and Hugo Martínez-Serros, plus conclusion.

B. Other Chicago Chicago and Mexican Writers 1990-Present from El BeiSMan, etc.

18.  “Electra in Ana Castillo’s ‘My Father was a Toltec’” 2017-01-02 (Part I); (Part II)

19.  “The Catholic Church in Two Stories by Martínez-Serros,” written with Raúl Gutiérrez and Paloma Rodríguez Esteban

20.  Martínez-Serros,  Assimilation aborted in David and Victor.

21.  Jorge Prieto. Harvest of Hope.

22.  Ana Castillo, Sapagonia.


Other Essays to appear.


1. Raul Niño, Gregorio Gómez, Gregorio Huerta, Brenda Cárdenas, Susana Sandoval
2. Odd Men Out: González Crussi and Leonard Gonzales
See José Ángel N., “Francisco González Crussí: médico humanista”
2015-10-28 08:15:52.
3. New Chicago Chicano Fiction
4,. Chicago Chicano Autobiography & Testimonio
5. Jorge Prieto,, Harvest of Hope
6. Gabriel Aguilera, Gabriel’s Fire
7. Jose Gamaliel González, Bringing Aztlan to Mexican Chicago
8. Leonard Ramirez, The Chicanas of 18th Sst
9. José Ángel N. Illegal: Reflections of an Undocumented Immigrant
(See José Ángel – YouTube (Sep 16, 2015).
a book review by Marilyn Gates: Illegal: Reflections of an ……/illegal-reflections-undocumented-immigr…
Excerpt: ‘Illegal’ by José Ángel N. – tribunedigital …

Alexai Galaaviz-Budzisewski, Painted Cities.

A City of Neighborhoods: Fiction Set in Chicago

C. Other Chicago Latin@ Writers from El BeiSMan, etc

  1. “David Hernández: the Nuyorican Poet Chi-Town Style.”
  2. “Salima Rivera: Mysteries and Unanswered Questions in It’s Not about Dreams.”
  3. “Salima Rivera and the Construction of Puertorriqueña/Latina Selfhood: Erasing the Erasure.” 08:43:19.
  4. “La literatura en español en Chicago.” Coloquio de la lengua: El español en los Estados Unidos. Contratiempo, Núm. 25.  5/05: 10. On Chicago Mexican writing, see

D. On Chicago Latino and Mexican writing in Spanish.

Marc Zimmerman. “La literatura en español en Chicago.” Coloquio de la lengua: El español en los Estados Unidos. Contratiempo, Núm. 25.  5/05: 10.
Not accessible at this time.

Marc Zimmerman.  “John Barry and Chicago Latin American Writers.” Roosevelt U. UIC co-sponsor.Avaiable on request at

John Barry. Los escritores latinos de Chicago y el reconocimiento.  2014-10-16 06:44:03.

John Barry.  Voces en el Viento. 2014-10-01.  06:41:40.

Jorge Hernández.  John Barry, maderamen de las letras en Chicago.  2014-10-01.

Juan Mora-Torres. Raúl Dorantes: ¿zorro o erizo?

Esmeralda Mora.  Un selfie libresco después de un fin de semana en la Feria del Libro de Chicago.

Héctor Sillas. Fragmentos sobre “Trasfondos”



See Kerlow in  E 1 below.

In general, see archives of the journals Contratiempo, El BeiSMan, Tropel, etc.

E. Chicago Latin@ Theater, Performance and Other Dimensions (to be developed)

José Castro UriosteSujeto, identidad y transnacionalidad: tres hipótesis sobre el teatro latino de Chicago”-Parte I  2015-01-02 01:18:03.

____Part II 2015-02-01 06:56:12.

F. The Chicago Latin@ Series in Literary Creation

Publications and other texts by and/or about Chicago Latin@s .  Authors wishing to publish stories and books in this series should write to

1.     Books

MartinandMarvin____.  Martín and Marvin: A Chicago Jewish Mexican, His Friend and their Latin Worlds.  2016.

See “Excerpts from; also and

For samples, see

Reviews: Antonio Zavala; José Ángel N. Review of Martín and Marvin

For samples, see

Buy here

_____.  Chicago Latin@ Stories, vol. I.Forthcoming in 2018.


2.     Other Publications on line

Raúl Dorantes. I’m Done Waiting for You, Moy. 2015-07-01 08:01:32.