A. Global Literary and Cultural Studies


 PrePostPositions_____ Pre-Post Positions: Essays on Structures & History, Literary Theory and Aesthetics.Marxism, structuralism, structural historicism, art and politics in a world of commodity production. ISBN: 0-9767019- 2-8.

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_____ Lucien Goldmann, Genetic Structuralism and Cultural Creation in the Capitalist World.A book tracing major themes in the work of a major sociologist of philosophy, culture and literature. For a detailed description and Amazon sales pricing, see https://www.amazon.com/dp/097670191X.


  • Recent Articles.

“Gunter Grass and Eduardo Galeano,” El Beisman2015-04-17 05:52:54.http://elbeisman.com/article.php?action=read&id=669

B. Film, Drama and Performance

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Edited by Alejandro Eduarte

C. Global Literary Creation

Published Memoir Fiction by Marc Zimmerman. Stories based on memory, but turned toward fiction, and usually organized in novel-length forms. For latest fiction books, see  http://latinobooks.net/search.asp?  keyword=zimmerman&search=.

Also for an essay on MZ’s fiction.  see


    • A. Sampler of Early Writing.
  • Stores of Winter.


Short fiction by Marc Zimmerman. Stories of childhood and not-so-innocents abroad in Spain and Italy—plus a Jewish American tragic-comedy.ISBN 0- 9767019-4- 4.Houston/Santiago, Chile. Global CASA/Bravo y Allende 2006.  Three stories of childhood and a Jewish American tragic-comedy framed by two stories of not-so- innocents abroad in the 1960s: these are winter tales stored, life moments storied, fictions sometimes lived, from the darkness and through his own looking glass sometimes darkly, by a critic/theorist who began as a playwright and narrator, who always sought heat and light, and who has now decided to bring forth these illuminations of his fragmented and obscured imaginary—these tales of winter discontent from the near tail end of his winter years.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0976701944/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1

    • B. Italian-themed Fiction
    • The Italian Daze: Notes of a Lost Wanderer.A Jewish American take on Italian and Italian American life.  Intro. Alessandro Carrera. Moorpark, CA. Floricanto Press. 2017.

Stories from Book Published: “The Last Laugh,” http://www.elbeisman.com/article.php?action=read&id=774.

         “Maxine Lamberto,” in Voices in Italian Americana Vol. 27, No. 1 (2016): 84-91. Not on line.

3. The Short of It All: Dreams and Scenes of Memoir Fiction. Moorpark, CA. Floricanto Press 2018. https:// https://www.amazon.com/Short-all-Dreams-Scenes-Fiction/dp/1986065596/ref=sr_1_..  .


Presentation of book: https://theaggie.org/2018/11/11/memoir-fiction-comes-to-the-avid-reader/

Translation:  Cuán alta la luna.  Breves sueños y escenas de una vida larga. Floricanto 2019. 


C. Latino/a-themed Books

  • Martín and Marvin: A Chicago Jewish Mexican, His Friend and Their Latin Worlds. Chicago. LACASA Chicago. 2016.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/153091499X/ref=rdr_ext_tmb Or


Review: https://ytali.com/2018/02/22/italian-daze-fiction-creative-non-fiction/

See “Excerpts in http://www.elbeisman.com/article.php?action=read&id=1130; also www.elbeisman.com/article.php?action=read&id=1071

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For review, see Antonio Zavala. http://www.elbeisman.com/article.php?action=read&id=1146;

also José Ángel N. www.elbeisman.com/article.php?action=read&id=1213