LACASA Chicago is pleased to announce a new phase in the consolidation of its series of key publications on Central American Cultural and Literary Studies (CAS). We seek to (1) to publish significant work in the field; (2) to consider listing and helping distribute other relevant works published elsewhere; (3) to recommend and/or place manuscripts with other larger publishers. Please contact Marc Zimmerman of LACASA at with any proposal.

A. Recent Publications

Provocation and Protest:
University Students in Nicaragua’s Uprising

(Central American Studies Series #5) Paperback
by José Luis Rocha (Author), Joseph Owens (Translator)
$18.99 retail. $9.50 from Pdf. available at no cost by writing

A translation of Rocha’s study of the student movement and the demonstrations against the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in April 2018, this book explores the causes and possible repercussions of the uprising in national and larger contexts.

“Indispensable … for understanding the world-changing movements that are born from below. … When the Nicas recover their freedom, this work will be obligatory reading for understanding how this people … escaped from the tyranny of those who enthroned themselves in the name of revolution.” Raúl Zibechi, journalist and activist.

“This book has … captured a moment of social mobilization initiated by students … who are searching for a new way of doing politics. … An important book [about] the new forms of social activism [emerging among] those are frustrated with the traditional authoritarian left but who refuse to abandon the ideal of a more just society and economy.” Jenny Pearce, Latin American & Caribbean Center, London School of Economics.

José Luis Rocha is associate researcher with the Brooks World Poverty Institute at the University of Manchester. He holds a PhD in Sociology from the Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany. He is the author of El debate sobre la justica maya (Guatemala: EDUSAC, 2019) and other books (see one below).

cover cosecha scannedMora-Torres, Piña y/& Zimmerman, Coords. La cosecha amarga/ The Bitter Harvest

La desilusión, ingobernabilidad y violencia transnacional que afectan a los niños de la frontera y otros refugiados centroamericanos, los efectos de la Mara Trucha y los narcos, el papel de la mujeres, de los escritores y artistas,
la resistencia anti-golpista hondureña son capturados a través de ensayos, entrevistas, relatos y testimonios, cuentos, poemas y fotografías. Con Sergio Ramírez y Oscar Martínez, José Luis Rocha, Mario Bencastro, Manlio Argueta, Carolina Rivera, y otros escritores destacados… Este es el primer dossier Centroamericano elaborado por la revista digital El BeiSMan con Global LACASA, de Chicago. La presente es una contribución clave a la continua lucha por la justicia y una vida mejor para los centroamericanos en su región de origen y en los Estados Unidos desde la década de 1970 hasta el presente..

Disillusion, ungovernability and transnational violence affecting the children at the border and other Central American refugees; the effects of the Mara Trucha and the drug traffickers; the role of women, of artists and writers; resistance to the Honduran Coup and other anti-democratic processes… Striking art work, gripping stories and poems, key reviews, interviews, videos, film, etc., in this volume featuring Sergio Ramirez, José Luis Rocha, Mario Bencastro, Manlio Argueta, Carolina Rivera, Oscar Mártinez and other key writers. This is the first Central American Dossier produced by the Chicago online Latino magazine, El BeiSMan with Global LACASA Chicago—a key contribution to the continuing struggle for justice and a better life for Central Americans in their original home region and in the U.S. since the 1970s to the present.

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rocha-cover-scanned___ José Luis Rocha Gómez.Central Americans in Flight 2015: Why Are TheyFleeing? Probably the most comprehensive and profound analysis of the recent crisis inNorthern Central America as it emerged along the U.S.-Mexican border in the early
months of 2015. Complete documented English-language text, with photos and access
to the Spanish original. CD in DVD case.Retail $ $4.00 s/h; Special LACASA
subscriber/friend price: $10.00–plus $4.00 s/h. CAS 3.

This is the English-language version of Rocha’s extended article, “Violencia, Asilo y Búsqueda de lugares ‘frescos’,” which appears in Joaquin A. Mejia Rivera, Gerardo Ballesteros y Josue Murillo coordinadores. Violencia, Derechos Humanos y Seguridad Ciudadana. Tegucigalpa: Editorial Casa San Ignacio / Editorial Guaymuras, 2014: 247-307. ISBN: 978-99926-739-8-0. © Alianza por la Paz y la Justicia (APJ). This complete English language version is Rocha’s own translation, augmented with photos of murals taken by Rocha, as well as several pictures, including the cover photo, which appear courtesy of Equipo de Reflexión, Investigación y Comunicación (ERIC), El Progreso, Honduras.
Se puede aceder la version original aquí sin costo, por cortesía de las casas editoriales y los editores, en

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Honduras_____Oscar Estrada. Honduras: Crónicas de un pueblo golpeado. 

A Honduran novelist’s brilliant day-by-day account of the Honduran golpe de estado of 2009. Co-published with Casasola. 2013.) ! ISBN 978-098-50-8258-1.  Retail Price: $24.95; Special LACASA subscriber/friend price: $15.00–plus s/h. Version in English available on request. CAS 2.

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EstudiosCulturales_____ Estudios culturales centroamericanos en el nuevo milenio.A pioneercollection including key contemporary themes. With Arturo Arias, John Beverley, IleanaRodríguez, and many young specialists in the field. Co-pub. with U. of Costa Rica. ISBN0-9767019-0. Special LACASA subscriber/friend price: $11.00. CAS 1. For online version ofan early draft, see..  For detailed description, see


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Nicaragua____ Nicaragua in Revolution: The Poets Speak. The classic bilingual poetic collage history portraying the Nicaraguan Revolutionary process. Condition: New. Paperback.

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Nicaragua2____ Nicaragua in Reconstruction and at War. English language poetry collage history of the Insurrection and Reconstruction years in Nicaragua. Condition: New. Hardcover.

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ElSalvador____El Salvador at War. English language poetry collage history of the Salvadoran struggle through peace accords. Condition: New-paper or hardcover.

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GuatemalanLiterature____Guatemala: Voices from the Silence. English language poetry/testimonio collage his.tory of Guatemala. Condition: Used but in good condition. Paperback.

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C. Texts Online:

“¿Adiós a la economía política? Problemas de parámetros, métodos y direcciones en la configuración de los estudios culturales centroamericanos,” Cuadernos de literatura (Colombia. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana). Vol. 19, No. 38 (2015): 33-43.…/c…/issue/view/883/showToc.

Martin Granovsky. Interview of MZ about Sandinista Revolution (in Spanish). LASA Chicago 2014. 5/2014.
“Economy and Cultural Connections in Central America Today.” Forthcoming.

For Chicago Central American Art, see IV C. 3. H. above

Carátula, revista cultural centroamericana.
El Faro